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Monday, 14 March 2016

13.30 – 14.00

Registration and Coffee

14.00 – 16.00

Opening session

Chair: Andrea Renda, CEPS, Chair of the Scientific Committee of EuroCPR

14.00 – 14.10


14:10 – 15:00

Keynote Speakers:

· Bruno Soria, NERA “A new regulatory framework for the digital ecosystem”

· Alexandre de Streel, University of Namur, “Towards a robust regulatory framework for the 21st century information society”

15.00 – 16.00

Industry dialogue:

Augusto Preta (ITMedia Consulting), Grégoire Polad (Association of Commercial Television in Europe), Tobias McKenney (Google)

16.00 – 16.30

Coffee break

16.30 – 18.30

Session 1: Perspectives on the distribution infrastructure: deployment and regulation

Chair: Lorenzo Pupillo, Telecom Italia

· Felice Simonelli and Giuseppe Mazziotti, “Another breach in the wall: copyright territoriality in Europe and its progressive erosion on the grounds of competition law” Discussant: Alexandre de Streel, University of Namur

· Jean Paul Simon and Pierre Jean Benghozi, ”Out of the blue: the rise of CDN networks” Discussant: Adam Watson-Brown, European Commission

· Stefan Herwig and Lukas Schneider, “Are we harmonizing failing markets?” Discussant: Bruno Soria, NERA

19.30 – 22.00

Conference dinner at Restaurant De Ultieme Hallucinatie

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

09.00 – 09.30

Registration and Coffee

09.30 – 11.00

Session 2: Users and uses: an active role in making and breaking media policy

Chair: Patrice Chazerand, Director Public Affairs, Digital Europe

· Fabrice Le Guel, Grazia Cecere and Nessrine Omrani, “Who reads privacy policies?: Consequences for privacy regulation” Discussant: Cory Robinson, Linköping University

· Jean Paul Simon, “User generated content: Users, community of users and forms: towards new sources of co-innovation” Discussant:  David Sweeney, Sweeney Consulting

· Judith Möller, Damian Trilling, Natali Helberger and Claes de Vreese, “The shrinking core? Exploring the differences between traditional and personalised news” Discussant: Colin Blackman, CEPS

11.00 – 11.30


11.30 – 13.00

Session 3: Media & markets: new dynamics and changing technology  (I)

Chair: Aviva Silver

· Volker Rieck, “Unregulated content distribution on the Internet: the underestimated role of data centres and registrars” Discussant: Marie Sellier, Vivendi

· Luis Aguiar and Joel Waldfogel, “Digitisation, the European Digital Single Market, and their Effects on Film consumers” Discussant: Natali Helberger, University of Amsterdam

· Tim Raats, Ilse Schooneknaep and Caroline Pauwels, “How 21st century-proof is national film distribution support?: Analysis of 20 years of national distribution enhancing mechanisms for film circulation in the EU” Discussant: Annick Schramme, Antwerp Management School

13.00 – 14.00


14.00 – 15.30

Session 4: Getting media regulation right

Chair: Colin Blackman, CEPS

· Nico van Eijk and Wolfgang Schulz, “Towards a new approach for the regulation of audiovisual media” Discussant: Goradan Grahovac, Independant consultant

· Katharine Sarikakis, Olga Kolokytha and Krisztina Rozgonyi, “The case of ‘content-exception’ as a policy compromise between public needs and private interests” Discussant: Kristina Irion, University of Amsterdam

· Kristina Irion and Natali Helberger, “Privacy, data protection and personalization with smart TV and in the online media sector” Discussant: Cory Robinson, Linköping University

15.30 – 16.00

Coffee break

16.00 – 17.30

Session 5: Media & markets: new dynamics and changing technology  (II)

Chair: Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Université Paris Descartes

· Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius and Joost Poort, “Legal and economic effects of online personalized pricing” Bertin Martens, IPTS

· Georgios Alaveras, Estrella Gomez and Bertin Martens, “Cross-border circulation of films in the EU Digital Single Market” Discussant: André Lange-Medart

17.30 – 17.45

Concluding remarks: Colin Blackman, CEPS

17.45 – 19.00

Closing reception

Important Dates

Call for papers
September 2015
Submission of abstracts
31 October 2015
Notification of acceptance
30 November 2015
Full paper submission
15 February 2016
EuroCPR Conference
14-15 March 2016