Scientific Committee

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Scientific Committee for 2011

Name Affiliation
Robin Mansell (Chair) LSE, UK
Edmond Baranes University of Montpellier, France
Johannes Bauer Michigan State University, USA
Anna-Flavia Bianchi Faber –Industria e Futuro, Italy
Marc Bogdanowicz IPTS, Spain
Erik Bohlin Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Ian Brown OII, UK
Jean-Claude, Burgelman European Commission
Richard Cawley European Commission
Jean Pierre Chamoux Université Paris Descartes, France
Yves Gassot IDATE, France
Bernard Guillou Mediawise +, France
Richard Hawkins University of Calgary, Canada
Anders Henten Aalborg University, Denmark
Kristina Irion Central European University, Budapest
Michael Latzer University of Zurich, Switzerland
Inmaculada Lopez CMT, Spain
Karl-Heinz Neumann WIK, Germany
Emilie Norman DTI, Denmark
Milton Mueller Syracuse and TU Delft
Caroline Pauwels VUB, Belgium
Paschal Preston Dublin City University, Ireland
Lorenzo Pupillo Telecom Italia, Italy
Andrea Renda CEPS,  Belgium
Jean Paul Simon IPTS, Spain
Lucille Simon Orange FT, France
Lucilla Sioli European Commission
Knud Erik Skouby Aalborg University, Denmark
Bruno Soria Telefonica, Spain
Edward Steinmueller University of Sussex, UK
Daniël Tijink Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
Peter Traung European Parliament, Belgium
Eric Van Heesvelde University of Ghent, Belgium
Graham Vickery Independent scholar
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Important Dates

Call for papers
September 2015
Submission of abstracts
31 October 2015
Notification of acceptance
30 November 2015
Full paper submission
15 February 2016
EuroCPR Conference
14-15 March 2016