Call For Papers

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This year offers a unique opportunity for the EuroCPR community to critically reflect on the lessons learned and to contribute constructively to ongoing debates about the future of Information Society Policy in Europe.
Relevant topics for papers include, but are not limited to:
History and Prospects
  • The impact of Information Society Policy - and its instruments - on European industry, consumers and citizens.
  • The contribution of the research community to Information Society Policy: achievements, mistakes and next steps.
  • Emerging technologies and policy implications: the Internet of people, places and things, service innovation and the convergence between ICT, nanotech and biotech.
  • Public-private partnerships and public ownership for next generation infrastructures: exploring the new balance between public and private actors.
Regulation and Promotion
  • Regulatory implications of competition and innovation in online media, mobile, wireless and other communications markets.
  • Policing the Internet: new structures for collective and private action, intermediaries, ownership rules and interests in copyright.
  • Evolution of institutional policy coordination and interaction between (conflicting) policy goals and instruments.
  • Subsidiarity revisited: balancing global, national and regional policy goals.
Users and Uses
  • User-driven innovation and markets: hype, evidence and policy implications.
  • Information Society Policy and the economic crisis: investing in the future or bailing out the past?
  • The contribution of ICT to societal challenges including the environment, energy, water, education and health.

Important Dates

Call for papers
September 2015
Submission of abstracts
31 October 2015
Notification of acceptance
30 November 2015
Full paper submission
15 February 2016
EuroCPR Conference
14-15 March 2016